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A friend probably gave me the greatest single piece of advice when it comes to traveling. You need to be ready to pick up and leave at the drop of a hat.

Think about it. Someone could get hurt, there could be a disaster, maybe you find a briefcase of cash that belongs to the mafia. Who knows? What it actually does is it helps you pack smarter and leaner.

Traveling is a mindset. You need to prepare for anything. That means being self-sufficient at all times. A robust and resourceful dopp kit is the travelers tool box, especially New York City, where anything can happen.

Make sure you have what you need to survive


People are known to put all types of things in their mouths when they’re traveling. By the end of the day your gonna smell like ass. Do this, every time you go back to the room to reenergize, brush your teeth.


See above.

Hair gel

Because after you wake up on the train with the gross-seat-slimy-window head, you’re going to be happy you packed it. Substitute for maple syrup when you’re having a hard week.


Oh who are you kidding? What makes you think you’re going to floss on a trip when you’ve neglected it for 20 years?


Walking all day has it’s drawbacks. You get smelly.


For when you go out.

Hand sanitizer

The subways and the taxis are fu*kin dirty. You should carry this with you wherever you go. After a museum visit, in transit and before lunch. Just lather that sh*t on.


You never know…..Rather be safe than sorry.

Ear plugs

Amazing! These are a must have to drown out the world. Noise on a plane, snoring friend, or loud hostel/hotel. I actually sleep with them every night. It’s another layer of comfort.


Keep these on you. Going out straight from dinner? No want wants to socialize smelling like Chinese food.

Baby powder

Swamp butt. Must I say more?


Because because.

Lint roller

If you’re headed somewhere right off the plane, a lint roller will keep you looking fresh.

Electric razor

I hate shaving in general, but when I’ve been traveling for a few weeks, sometimes I end up looking like Forrest Gump. The electric razor is an amazing tool to keep you and that jaw line looking sharp.


For the guys who are all about that life.

Joint papers

You never know…..Rather be safe than sorry.


For when your headphones or camera run out. Also, batteries are life.


When you go out drinking all night in vegas or Thailand, you are not going to want to forget Advil.


When that Indian food won’t stay down and your chest feels like your about to burst.


Sometimes you might need to walk home in the dark. It can also be used as a weapon.

Via The Daily Twenties